Victor Frankenstein is funny, but it's FOX funded fanfic.

I liked it enough, but I didn't love it.

“Victor Frankenstein” is a fun attempt to revive the Frankenstein mythos. However, it lives to play jokes at the Universal movies, Mel Brooks and the general conception of the Monster. While the handling of the downtrodden Igor is funny, McAvoy doesn’t even feel like he’s playing the good doctor. It just feels like any other role he could tackle while making quick quips about reviving the dead.



If you’ve watched the trailer, you have an idea of the humor. Throw in the chick from Downton Abbey and some slightly above aboard CG monsters to round out this grand experiment. That being said, dropping horror film around Thanksgiving is questionable. I don’t think this film would’ve fared much better at Halloween, but it would’ve had a few weeks to develop a cult following. Not great, not terrible…”Victor Frankenstein” lives in that limbo belonging to most darkly comical horror tales.


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