“Vice Principals” was a hard show to slip into regularly watching during the summer. While I love the “Eastbound” crew, the first two episodes didn’t quite nail down the Goggins/McBride vibe. Thankfully, that all changed. Kimberly Hebert Gregory takes on the thankless role of being the target of the two leads’ scorn and admiration. She’s not that important in the grand scheme of things, but she’s their key to a better life. Honestly, it’s like the last 8 years of American politics wrapped into a show.

Knowing that we’re getting a second season makes the lack of a conclusion work for me. That being said, “Eastbound & Down” didn’t become great by the end of its first season. It was a series that improved by being a completed story that an audience could rewatch and enjoy. If you enjoy McBride’s band of comedy, this might take awhile to enjoy. While it’s weird to say that he is really reserved in the series, I don’t know how else to put it. If you can handle a style change, this will do it for you.

“Vice Principals” found its ground with Season 2. While the show is practically an extended giant story, it’s important to understand what was gained after Neal Gamby was shot. The first season started as two bastards trying to take back something they never earned. When they finally inherited their birthright, the duo finally ruined it. I love that evil characters being fulfilled will only produce bad results.

Lee Russell gives Walt Goggins a chance to flex his acting muscle. Sure, he keeps playing the same kind of weirdo scumbag, but this is different. Lee Russell is every weird kid brow-beaten into acting normal. Naturally, it’s not going to end well. It doesn’t matter how many pressed suits you wear or what you did to find your wife…the oddity will always return to the surface.

Danny McBride has worked out his niche so well that he can do it in his sleep. His Neal Gamby is actually kinda reserved. While he will do stupid stuff, he cares about his daughter and tries his best to save relationships. It’s a far, far, far cry from what we saw with Kenny Powers, but it needed to be that way. Gamby has to be a hair better than Russell to make the season long battle work.

Yeah, they eventually become friends after destroying their poorly constructed world. What did it cost? Russell gets mangled by a tiger and Gamby has to start over again. They got to live, but it wasn’t by their rules. Great stuff all around and I’d recommend checking it out.


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