A 27 year old woman has to have the Catholic Church pray the evil out of her.

It's that time of the month. Oh, I mean Halloween. What did you think I meant?

“The Vatican Tapes” was kind of painful to watch. I love Mark Neveldine’s work with Taylor on the Crank films. I just thought when he went solo, some of that aesthetic would stay. But, what we get is a modern take on “The Omen” by way of exorcism cliches. Michael Pena tries to carry the movie wherever he can. But, he’s such a background character. To say that some of the marketing material overstated his role is an understatement.

The rest of the cast does their best, the direction is good enough and the film is original to a fault. It’s just that it forgot to be scary. If you’re going to delve into exorcism or try to make a found footage film, then you need to do something to make it memorable. I had to rewatch the film today because I couldn’t remember a damn thing about it from Monday. The Blu-Ray comes with commentary, featurette and deleted/extended scenes as the special features.

RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2015

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