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Set in the year 2015, this apocalyptic thriller finds rebels Max (Ray Bullock Jr.), Rachael (Emma Choy) and Zac (Steve Weston) caught in the midst of a raging war between the Biosyns — a race of primitive people engineered by scientists — and the all-powerful Corporation. With civilization on the verge of extinction, due to oil depletion, the trio sets out on a dangerous journey to locate and join a growing resistance movement.


Matthew Hope

         <div class="section"><h6 id="cast">Cast:</h6>           <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">                         <tbody><tr><td width="49%">                                                              <a href="">Karen Admiraal</a>                                                      </td>                    <td>&nbsp;</td>                  <td width="2%"> </td>                   <td width="49%">                                                      Jack Bailey                                           </td></tr>                 <tr><td>&nbsp;</td>                      </tr><tr><td width="49%">                                                              <a href="">Ray Bullock Jr.</a>                                                      </td>                    <td>&nbsp;</td>                  <td width="2%"> </td>                   <td width="49%">                                                      <a href="">Emma Choy</a>                                             </td></tr>                 <tr><td>&nbsp;</td>                      </tr><tr><td width="49%">                                                              <a href="">Terry Cole</a>                                                      </td>                  <td>&nbsp;</td>                  <td width="2%"> </td>                   <td width="49%">                                                      <a href="">Rob Cooper</a>                                           </td></tr>                 <tr><td>&nbsp;</td>                      </tr><tr><td width="49%">                                                              <a href="">Bahi Ghubril</a>                                                      </td>                  <td>&nbsp;</td>                  <td width="2%"> </td>                   <td width="49%">                                                      <a href="">Shiv Grewal</a>                                             </td></tr>                 <tr><td>&nbsp;</td>                      </tr><tr><td width="49%">                                                              <a href="">Christopher Hatherall</a>                                                      </td>                    <td>&nbsp;</td>                  <td width="2%"> </td>                   <td width="49%">                                                      <a href="">Martin Hobb</a>                                             </td></tr>                 <tr><td>&nbsp;</td>                      </tr><tr><td width="49%">                                                              <a href="">Steve Weston</a>                                                      </td>                  </tr></tbody></table></div>                                      <h6>Genres:</h6><p>Thrillers



It’s 2015. Oil is gone and the world has been thrown into chaos. Overpopulation has reached a critical stage and to combat it a massive company known only as ‘The Corporation’ has taken charge of society. Their plan for the betterment of mankind? They force scientists to find a disease to weed out the poor and let the rich survive on.

Max runs into a Tracker, Jamal (Shiv Grewal) who discovers that Max may have an antibody in his blood that would yield a cure. Jamal goes off his proscribed mission to capture Max. Max also runs into a couple of survivors, Zac (Steve Weston) and Rachael (Emma Choy) who are looking for the resistance. In any post apocalyptic flick there has to be a resistance; I think it is some sort of union regulation in the film industry. It also provides a natural means to insert a beautiful woman into an otherwise all male cast. Hope’s style is formidable. The first part of the film with Max alone is almost silent except for some screams in the far background. He uses his camera and soundtrack to pull the audience immediately into this strange universe of his creation. Because of the zombie like Biosyns this film will be classified as a horror movie but it is so much more. It is rare that the modern incarnation of the genre has seen something this sharp; presented with such skill.

The DVD and the film offer nothing new. But, it’s a fun time to be had in the Dystopian future. Throw on some decent A/V Quality and a couple of supplementals and you’ve got a treat. It’s just not something that I would run out and buy. Therefore, leave it to being a rental.

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