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Vampires and other Stereotypes lands a trailer

Fans of vintage direct-to-video horror are in for a treat this Halloween season. Wild Eye Releasing unleashes the 1984 cult classic Vampires and Other Stereotypes in a packed special edition Blu-ray on October 24.

Director Kevin J. Lindenmuth’s microbudget first feature spotlights the creativity of 80s shot-on-video filmmaking. When paranormal investigators accidentally open a portal to hell in NYC, they must battle the ensuing demonic invasion using DIY practical effects.

Shot for just $8,000 on 1-inch tape, Vampires and Other Stereotypes encapsulates the scrappy spirit of the analog video era. Lindenmuth’s witty genre-mashing encapsulates the anything-goes style of indie filmmaking born from the proliferation of consumer camcorders and VCRs.

Vampires and other Stereotypes lands a trailer 1

Wild Eye’s Blu-ray presents a new director-approved transfer alongside over 7 hours of bonuses that take fans deep into the film’s lo-fi production. Lindenmuth provides multiple commentaries detailing the guerilla shoot and his successful attempt to beat Hollywood’s Elm Street franchise to the punch with a Freddy Krueger spoof villain.

Extensive new interviews spotlight the cast and crew’s fond memories of bringing the gonzo practical effects to life. Early Super 8 films by Lindenmuth along with behind-the-scenes photos reveal the ambition behind this zero-budget passion project. The Blu-ray also comes in special packaging with collectible extras.

Vampires and Other Stereotypes stands as an essential time capsule of DIY horror creativity in the wild early days of shot-on-video. Lovingly restored by Wild Eye, this release is a treat for old school horrorhounds who crave that analog video store ambiance.

Relive the cassette madness when Vampires and Other Stereotypes hits Blu-ray on October 24.

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