Valley Girl (1983): Collector’s Edition

Valley Girl (1983): Collector's Edition 1

Valley Girl is the only teen movie where I buy Michael Bowen having a shot with E.G. Daily. Outside of that, he automatically look like a 40 year old getting a 17 year old’s top off. But, the crassness of that visual is what sells the movie. Sure, the love story between Cage and Foreman is realistic. It’s just that we’ve all known douchebags like Bowen. Why is that I fixate on the film’s bad guy?

Well, Deborah Foreman is a fun female lead, but E.G. Daily is more interesting. Nicolas Cage is being Baby Cage, but we all know what he can do. The stunning New Wave soundtrack helps you push past it, but the focus remains on Michael Bowen. As much as he feels out of place, he also exists as an albatross of the Reagan era. You still have room for the cute quirks of the era, but the Preppie is always on the move and trying to stomp out weird cultural identities.

It’s kind of a horror movie, if you think about it.

The Valley Girl special features

  • NEW Film Mastered From 4k Scan Of The Original Negative
  • NEW “Valley Girl In Conversation” – Featuring Director Martha Coolidge With Actors E.G. Daily And Heidi Holicker
  • NEW “Greetings From The Valley” – A Short History Of The Iconic San Fernando Valley, Hosted By Tommy Gelinas Of The Valley Relics Museum
  • NEW Extended Interviews From 2003 With Nicolas Cage, Cameron Dye, Frederic Forrest, E.G. Daily, Heidi Holicker, Colleen Camp, Lee Purcell, Producers Andrew Lane And Wayne Crawford, Peter Case Of The Plimsouls, Josie Cotton, DJ Richard Blade, And More!
  • NEW Storyboard To Film Comparisons
  • Feature Length Audio Commentary With Director Martha Coolidge
  • Original Music Videos From Modern English And The Plimsouls
  • Valley Girl: 20 Totally Tubular Years Later
  • “In Conversation With Martha Coolidge And Nicolas Cage
  • The Music of Valley Girl
  • Making-Of Featurettes And Interviews With Cast And Crew
  • Presented With ALL The Original Music


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