2009 release, the third album in the Ghetto Revelations five-part series from one of the most dynamic vocalists to stand behind a microphone. This album features old school gems and new Hip Hop flava, which will undoubtedly maintain Urban Mystic’s fan base while introducing him to new fans both young and old.


1. OBAMA: A Change Has Come
2. 2 Good 2 B True
3. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
4. Throw It Back
5. Main Squeez (feat. Yung Joc)
6. So Fly (feat. Ce’Cile & Beenie Man)
7. Why Can’t We? (feat. Phyllisia)
8. Best Part Of The Day
9. Days Of Our Lives (feat. P. Chace)
10. Let’s Go Shawty
11. I’ll Be Good 2 You (feat. Phyllisia)
12. It Wasn’t Me
13. I’m Waiting (feat. Shaggy & Ce’Cile)
14. If I Ever Needed Someone



Old School 2 Nu Skool is the third album from the “Ghetto Revolution” series by American R&B singer ‘Brandon Williams’ a.k.a. ‘Urban Mystic’, released in the first half of 2009. The album is said to be a pure ‘Urban Mystic’ effort (with the style), the way he used his soulful voice to give the songs an old school, yet great feeling. This album is a request and I have listened to a few clips of the tracks. Although, I don’t want to rate an album, not hearing even one full song in it. Anyway, I liked the songs, so R&B.

Urban Mystic’s multidimensional talents reach beyond his raspy, Southern-style vocals. He writes, plays piano and utilizes his distinctive rap/sing delivery to his full advantage. “I’m looking forward to showing my fans several sides of me, and giving all of them more to appreciate about me,” he says. “With part three of my ‘Ghetto Revelations’ musical journey recorded on this album, they will hear old school to new school R&B, they will hear raw Soul, they will get club bangers, and they will experience the real street side of me.”

The CD is a major mix of new school hip-hop with a message. You get the strong Obama intro song. Then, it’s a slight slope downhill as you work through steady jam to slow jam. There’s a journey to be heard here, but it sounds like the same road that has already been covered. Therefore, I’d recommend it to long-term fans. Everyone else can skip it.


Final Score: 81% –  C

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