UNEXPECTED/ Starring Cobie Smulders, Anders Holm, Elizabeth McGovern & Gail Bean/ Available on DVD, Blu-ray, On Demand & Early EST September 29th

Alchemy is proud to announce the home entertainment release of the heart-warming drama, UNEXPECTED, directed by Kris Swanberg (It Was Great, But I Was Ready to Come Home). Cobie Smulders (“How I Met Your Mother”, The Avengers and Captain America franchises) leads the cast featuring Anders Holm (“The Mindy Project”, “Workaholics”), Elizabeth McGovern (“Downton Abbey”, “Once Upon a Time”) and Gail Bean. Audiences can own UNEXPECTED on DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and Early EST on September 29, 2015.

Samantha is a high school science teacher at a low-income school about to close, and she has just found out she’s pregnant. Though her boyfriend, John, proposes and is thrilled to begin a new life together, Sam struggles with the idea of halting her career to be a full time mother. Simultaneously, one of Sam’s brightest students, Jasmine, has also become pregnant. Sam makes it her mission to get Jasmine into college and bonds with her over their impending motherhood. Unbeknownst to Same Jasmine is wiser than she gives her credit for, and when things don’t go exactly according to Sam’s plan, she must reexamine what is best for herself and for the people she loves.

UNEXPECTED has a running time of 85 minutes and is rate at R. UNEXPECTED is available on DVD, Blu-ray, On Demand and Early EST on September 29, 2015.

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