under the tree

Under The Tree is one of those movies that left me scratching my head. Somehow, Iceland thinks this is a comedy. A film about two neighbors battling it out among suicide, crippled marriages and a missing cat. Sure, if you slap Seth Rogen into the mix…you’re bound for a few laughs. But, the material here is treated with the seriousness that the Sons of Bergman stuff into everyone of their pictures. Cue the complaints from our Northern friends complaining about the off-culture comparison.

Did I enjoy it? Sure, but I really dig on polite human misery. How many times are we going to keep traipising down the cul-de-sac to see how bad suburban whites around the world have it? I can look at my front door and see that. Well, I could if I would stop trying to find Japanese Edits of American films on YouTube. Seriously, check out the alternate cut of Mac and Me. It’s way darker.

under the tree


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