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Un Traductor is a real story. Well, it’s based on real things. Rodrigo Santoro does the best he can in the lead, but the film never knows how heavy it wants to play it. You’ll find him developing relationship and then cancer kids need to be understood. He’s the main translator to get the Russian kids help, as Russia can’t exactly help the smallest victims of Chernobyl. Also, this is happening while the Cold War has ended and everything is collapsing.

Who would have thought Chernobyl had ties to Cuba? I spent most of my time researching everything brought up in this film. It’s super accurate for a based on a true story movie. However, it forces melodrama and human stakes at every possible turn. There seems to be a better story buried under yet another Kid Care movie. Hell, I’d love to see a documentary on the matter. So many Americans that grew up in that era would dig to check it out.

Again, not a slam on Santoro. He was the best actor in a section of the film that never gelled with the rest. It happens at times, but I felt it just got in the way here.

Un Traductor is available now!

Un Traductor

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