“Two Guys and a Girl” should’ve been another TGIF garbage sitcom. Fortunately, it signaled the career starts of Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion. If that wasn’t enough, the sitcom also served as a semi prototype for the later Chuck Lorre created sitcoms. The show dared to be inventive from season to season. Episodes would feature no dialogue or musically narrated stories. Outside of that, it’s traditional sitcom fare.

Ryan Reynolds was great comic relief, but I found that Richard Ruccolo never got the attention he was owed. While he’s not Fillion or Reynolds, playing the straight man (my how that term has changed in 16 years) is hard work. That’s not to forget about Traylor Howard. While she wasn’t the go-to girl of interest for the first season, she earned her screen time playing off her male leads. Honestly, Howard’s performance shows me something in this show that you didn’t get from its contemporaries. It knew that it had to evolve.

The fact that such a show lasted four years on ABC is quite stunning to me. But, the 1990s were a slightly more forgiving time than now. Hell, people actually watched TV back then. For those that don’t remember, the show was cancelled on a cliffhanger. The cliffhanger had its resolution voted for online to be resolved in the 5th season premiere. All four options are filmed and are presented on the last disc. Only 1 option works, but it’s need to see what could’ve been. If you were ever a fan, pick up the release and check it out.


  • Nothing
  • Well, you get the alternate takes on the series finale.


  • 1.33:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby Digital 2.0


  • 84%
    Video - 84%
  • 93%
    Audio - 93%
  • 80%
    Supplemental Material - 80%

The Plot Thus Far

Welcome to Beacon Street Pizza, the perfect workplace and hangout for the aimless wise guy Berg (Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool), the neurotic Pete (Richard Ruccolo, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and the campus beauty Sharon (Traylor Howard, Monk). Together, these three best friends navigate life and love in Boston with hilarious results. Two Guys and a Girl (also starring Nathan Fillion (Castle), Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein), Suzanne Cryer (Silicon Valley) and Jillian Bach (Courting Alex) ran for four amazing seasons on ABC, thanks in large part to its dedicated fan base. And now, you can see why with this unruly complete series set!

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