Two Fingers vs. Only Child Tyrant Single Out Today from Amon Tobin’s Nomark Records [Review]

Two Fingers single review
Two Fingers single review

Amon Tobin’s Nomark Records has dropped another stellar track today. Listening to it, while preparing for the Labor Day weekend…I was blown away by the production. But, what about the Two Fingers vs. Only Child Tyrant worked for me?

Well, the answer is simple. It was catchy. Not pop catchy, but in the way a good earworm hooks you and stay with you throughout the day. It doesn’t quite have as heavy of drumming as I’ve heard on the other Two Fingers stuff I’ve heard.

But, it’s catchy. It’s weird where that is enough a plus for me. However, we live in an era where if it’s not on a TikTok or trending commercial, no one remembers it. I like this natural throwback style to a world of music that I don’t normally enjoy.

Two Fingers Vs. new single is out today!

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