This is the first feature film from British filmmaker James G. Wall. Shot over 14 days in July 2012 for £250. The movie doesn’t like it was shot so cheaply, but I don’t know the exchange rate unless I’m buying shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere. That being said, Director Wall makes a film that captures a moment in time for youth. Rudderless and confused, these are young men and women trying to figure out what matters to them.

Choosing to keep it nice and tight, helps to sell the romance to those with dwindling attention spans. It does suffer from Manic Pixie Dream Girl syndrome. That being said, it’s hard to showcase a relationship with a downtrodden lead unless you have a mentally deranged woman busting her ass to make it work. But, that’s symbolic of the times. Modern romance puts most men at a downplayed level due to the fears of being portrayed as brutes.

There are no brutes onstage here, as we get a small cast trying to get to the root of what makes romance works. In 90 minutes, we don’t get an answer. However, we’re placed on a better footing alongside our main character. Connecting with others is hard and it takes time to build up a trustful rapport that can lead us out of obligation and into respect. Director Wall seems to understand that and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

DRAMATIS PERSONAE and other details, ‘yo

Jordan Greenhough – Josh
Danielle Jackson – Emily (… |
Craig Asquith – Chris
Donna Parry – Zoe
Leonora Moore – Jess
Margaret Cowen – Mum

James G. Wall – Writer/Producer/Director
Craig Asquith – Producer
Mark Braithwaite – Cinematographer
Thanks to David Garland & Laura Winning

Music by Jacko Hooper
Additional Music by Buen Chico

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