True Story of a Woman in Soapland: Tear! [DVD Review]

Soapland 1

True Story of a Woman in Soapland: Tear! almost dares you to make fun of it. Serving up as a late 80s Nikkatsu movie, it doesn’t shy away from its purpose. A middle aged man learns that his high school lover has become a prostitute at the local bordello. This led me to researching what a Soapland was in 80s Japan.

Basically, a Soapland is a whorehouse that attempts to operate above the board. The problem for our middle aged hero is that he’s a scumbag. Kikuta and his old lover Hasekura hit it off, but Hasekura doesn’t take kindly to being dumped. So, she goes super psycho and stalks Kikuta back to his normal life.

Soapland 2

What follows would have turned into an early 90s thriller in America. In 80s Japan, it lead to more sex and soft whimpering. I have a feeling that if I had more of a connection or understanding of the Soapland, it would be more impactful. As it stands, it’s a decent of enough feature. But, I felt clueless watching most of it.

The DVD comes with removable subtitles as the sole special feature.

True Story of a Woman in Soapland: Tear! gets a DVD release on Feb 11th, 2020 from Impulse/Synapse.

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