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TROY SPEED REVIEWS MOVIES: It Lives Inside, The Grand Son, Blood Clots and Eullenia


It Lives Inside is a horror movie featuring the smoke monster from Lost going all Amityville Horror on new homeowners. One is a sleepwalker and you know that is just going to get used to cause mayhem. Half domestic drama and half mild horror movie, It Lives Inside splits the difference to tell a tale we’ve seen before. However, I enjoyed the cast and liked seeing what was being laid down. The only catch is that I wish it moved faster.

The Grand Son is barely a horror movie. I say that in the sense that I don’t consider The Bad Seed to be a horror tale. If you’re telling me that you have a crazed kid that might murder people, well I’m sure everyone has that relative. Still, that’s not what hurts the movie for me. What kicks my ass is the fact that I’m supposed to buy a family in decline that seemingly has everything going for them. There is a great movie here and it doesn’t quite come to the forefront.

Blood Clots is an anthology driven by irony. Not the kind of irony that Rod Serling dealed in, but more of the gore jokey nature that would work in EC Comics. Honestly, I prefer the second style as it’s more my speed. The fourth story about the basement monster stood out to me. While it was pretty low budget, it hits on those fear markers that seem to dot many childhoods. Really enjoyed this one.

Eullenia is the first horror TV series from Thailand. While not traditional horror, the film is about a depraved Westerner who preys upon Thai citizens. In the first episode, he’s manipulating a Thai woman that wants to save her sister. She needs money for cancer treatments, but will our lead villain do to make her get the money? For a rather short episode, it hits with a level of pacing missing from many films. I know that I brought up the sticking point about traditional horror vs. misnomers. However, there is something to Alec Newman in the lead that makes me expect big changes in future episodes.


It Lives Inside (August 7 on VOD and September 4 on DVD)

The Grand Son releases digitally on 8/14 and DVD on 11/6.

BLOOD CLOTS Premiering on Vimeo and Amazon, August 3rd

Eullenia is forgoing most channels to make its bow outside of the internet streaming domain. Consider this a coming soon.

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