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Troy slays 11 March DVD reviews

I See You is a movie that I didn’t believe existed. Seriously, ask some of the PR people I talk to about these movies. Anymore, I think they’re making up half of them. Want to know about this one? Helen Hunt starring in a psychological feature that feels 30 years out of date. If you like Hunt, it will help out your enjoyment.

Temblores is about a married man in Guatemala City’s evangelical community. Suddenly, he decides to leave his wife for another man. The community goes crazy, as the man breaks out on his own. That is until his family decides to kidnap him back. If you want to see a movie that goes to places you never expected, check this one out.

By The Grace of God is the latest DVD release from Music Box Films. Francois Ozon returns to drop the hammer on sexual abuse in the French Catholic Church. Based on the 2019 conviction of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Ozon mines all the drama in the material. Still, it’s very modern French and revels in its moodiness. The film runs a little long, but it’s still worth a viewing.

Clay Pigeon March DVD reviews

Clay Pigeon was the first film about Vietnam vets to have been made by a Vietnam vet. But, how does the film play? Well, like the deranged ramblings of a Drug Culture revisionist warrior who thinks the CIA has a finger in every pie. It’s quite the pleasant oddity from the era. Give it a year and it wouldn’t surprise me to see this show up on a few Discoveries of 2020 lists. This might be the March DVD release that I return to at a later date.

Raiga: God of the Monsters is a modern take on the Kaiju love that swept Japan like a fast moving bug. In light of the current global situation, let’s just say it moved very fast and people enjoyed it. Global warming frees Raiga from the icy waters of the North and now it’s up to Japan to stop the beast. Why Japan? Well, when America gets involved…we only send Raymond Burr. The DVD comes with a featurette, TV Commercial and trailers.


Is Anybody Listening? isn’t quite a March DVD release. However, I get to things when I get to them. IndiePix keeps bringing the goods with these documentaries. This documentary focuses on efforts made to set up charities and mental health efforts to help veterans. Normally, talking heads don’t do it for me. But, I find the material to be so important.

Scandalous: The Untold Story of the National Enquirer is a film I watched to see if they did anything new. Out of the March DVD releases, this was the one with the subject matter straight up my alley. Having been an avid reader of the Enquirer and Weekly World News since Elementary School, this was my jam. At 97 minutes long, it’s just a quickie history of the publication. There is nothing here that you couldn’t learn off a Wikipedia deep dive.

Two Times You would make for a messed up part of an anthology. As a feature film, it feels like it stretches out the premise too long. Basically, it’s about two couples that switch partners on a drive home and one car crashes kills the two people inside. Now, will the new widow and widower hook up? It’s like Love is Blind with the crushing sense of mortality ruining your soul.

While You Live, Shine is a rather detailed dive into the world of Greek music. Sometimes, there are documentaries that take me over and I stop thinking while watching them. I’ll revisit this DVD throughout the month, as I find the whole Greek music thing to be fascinating.

Stuffed is a wonderful look at the world of taxidermy. Out of the March DVD releases I’m covering today, this is the one that worries me. Worries in the sense that I’m kinda into the artistry on display here. The DVD comes with a commentary, featurette and taxidermy art gallery. If you were every curious about taxidermy, then pick it up.

ghost killers bloody mary dark sky march DVD

Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary was a Dark Sky release that surprised me. Basically, the lovely ladies working Dark Sky PR gave me a heads up and that was the first I ever heard of the film. What followed was an ultra gory throwback movie that craps all over Social Media Celebrity culture, but represents horror at its finest. Naturally, it’s foreign horror as it seems that international filmmakers are the only ones that remember what makes horror work.

Troy loves DVD releases. Troy loves March. He’s glad they were finally able to work together

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