FOREST OF LOST SOULS is a black and white film about how Portugal has a suicide forest too! A young tourist rocks her hipster credit all over the place, while another man is mopey and emo. She tries to bring out the best in everyone, while they all hang in a suicide forest. The film goes wide tomorrow, so I hope more people check it out. I need help on this one.

EUTHANIZER is a film about Finnish man that puts animals out of their misery. When an unsettled score brings creeps into his life, he uses his animal murdering powers to put this guy down. Also, what was up with the girlfriend that wanted to be choked out? I’m not against that, but it seemed like a sticking point in the film. Oh well, it was enjoyable.

3: AN EYE FOR AN EYE is a revenge film. It’s also a practical effects driven terror movie. Given that the film is driven by the need for force a confession, you wouldn’t think the material would hold your attention for so long, yet it does. Solid work all around and I hope that it finds a wider audience.


  • Not Rated
  • Uncork’d Entertainment & Wild Eye Releasing

RELEASE DATE: 7/20/18 (euthanizer), 8/3/18 (forest of lost souls), 8/7/18 (3: an eye for an eye)


  • 89%
    Content Score - 89%

The Plot Thus Far


Enter the basement of a complex and twist-filled kidnapping in award-winning filmmaker Lou Simon’s (“All Girl’s Weekend”, “HazMat”) 3 : An Eye for an Eye.

A man and a woman kidnap her rapist in order to extract a confession from him. They need to get his confession on tape, because he has made up an alibi. Locked up in the basement of a remote home, he is unwilling to confess on camera and continues to assert his innocence. With time running out, how far are they willing to go for justice and what if they are wrong?

“A solid, smart piece of genre filmmaking” (Horror Talk) and premiering on VOD August 7 from Uncork’d Entertainment, 3 : An Eye for an Eye boasts dynamic performances from Aniela McGuinness (Rock of Ages), Todd Bruno (HazMat), Mike Stanley (“Revolution”), and Katie Carpenter (Acrimony).


Writer/director Teemu Nikki’s Euthanizer injects into theaters this July, and August on VOD, via Uncork’d Entertainment.

A film that “keeps you on your toes” (Cinema Scope), Euthanizer provides “a film experience completely different than you’d find in mainstream cinema” (Birth.Movies.Death).

Veijo runs a black-market operation euthanizing people’s ailing pets to make extra money. It is clear he has dark secrets, but only after meeting a young nurse and a seedy mechanic (who’s mixed up with a vicious gang of neo-Nazis) that Veijo’s carefully balanced, albeit deranged, life begins to show cracks. Things turn to the extreme when Veijo does not finish a job he was paid to and his client finds out…in this grungy exploitation throwback.


Leading independent distributor Wild Eye Releasing has acquired Portuguese horror film The Forest of the Lost Souls, setting it as their first theatrical release.

The psychological “coming of age” horror film, written and directed by directed by José Pedro Lopes, marks the distrib’s first theatrical release. The film, which had its world premiere at the Fantasporto Film Festival on February 26, 2017, is scheduled to open in August.

Ricardo and Carolina are complete strangers that meet seemingly by chance in the “Forest of the Lost Souls”, a place where many people go to commit suicide. These two, a young woman and an old man, are no different than the others as they also came to the forest for this very reason.

They decide to briefly postpone killing themselves in order to explore the forest and also to continue talking to one another, as Ricardo and Carolina find themselves intrigued by one another.

However, as the pair go further into the forest it becomes clear that one of them has other reasons for being in the forest and is not who they would have the other believe them to be and is actually a psychopath…

The Forest of the Lost Souls will open theatrically August 3 in L.A and other cities.


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