Troma Celebrates 50 Years With 4K Ultra HD “Toxic Avenger” Collection

Troma Celebrates 50 Years With 4K Ultra HD "Toxic Avenger" Collection 17

Legendary independent film studio Troma Entertainment marks their 50th anniversary in 2023 with the ultimate release for fans – The Toxic Avenger Collection on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Available August 29th, this TROMAzing 8-disc set features all four Toxic Avenger films starring Mark Torgl as Melvin, the 98-pound weakling turned superheroic Toxie after falling into toxic waste. Each movie is presented in a stunning new 4K restoration from the original camera negatives with HDR color and remastered audio.

Troma Celebrates 50 Years With 4K Ultra HD

Lloyd Kaufman, Troma’s founder and creator of The Toxic Avenger, provides new introductions plus hours of classic Troma bonus features across the two Blu-ray discs per film. A collectible Toxie postcard rounds out the MONSTROUS box set gift for Troma devotees.

The Toxic Avenger satirizes superhero and horror tropes with gory practical effects and over-the-top comedy. Cameos from Michael Jai White, Marisa Tomei, Hugh Hefner, Kevin Eastman and other celebs add to the fun.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary 4K collection, Troma and Alamo Drafthouse are hosting special theatrical screenings of the remastered first Toxic Avenger nationwide throughout August 2023. Fans can catch 4K Toxie on the big screen and revel in Troma’s pioneering independent filmmaking legacy.

Pre-order The Toxic Avenger 4K Blu-ray Collection now at Amazon to enjoy Lloyd Kaufman and Troma’s gruesome, hilarious cult classics in eye-popping Ultra HD quality.

This 50th anniversary 8-disc edition is the ultimate toxic home theater experience!

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