“Troll Inc” is about Weev. Well, it’s about more than Weev. Let’s get a little more macro. Trolling is fun. Trolling is an art. This artform is abused by people who grew too old with or by the young who never got what it could be at its best. Formerly a member of Goatse Security, Weev has branched into something that evades most trolls. He became a martyr turned celebrity of the disenfranchised online community.

While the documentary plays short, it still hits the points that most want shared about Weev. He attacked politicians, countries and businesses that had it coming. But, he left prison an angry man. Oh yeah, did I forget that? One of the most corrupt FBI operations of the last 25 years was carried out against Weev after exposing security issues at AT&T. This generated a minor criminal complaint where the FBI conveniently found some Schedule drugs when they ‘searched’ his home.

But, like most the older statesmen that stay in the game too long, Weev got his message warped. The Troll King joined up with some questionable partners and began almost validating all of the previous complaints against him. Is he still the same troll? Yeah, but the world moved on. In an age of the soft feelings and people desperately looking to medal in the Oppression Olympics, Troll Inc shows a new aspect to the game.

If you’re going to troll, go in fast and hard. Then, get out. The Internet shifts faster and faster and it will age you faster than drinking from the wrong Grail. The Left has co-opted the Psy Ops style trolls that support them, while the deep far Right are claiming key figures for themselves. Hell, I can’t remember the last time I saw a troll screw over a Fortune 500 that was mistreating the general public. The Internet Detective part of my brain believes this is all connected, but that’s a story for another time.


  • 1 hr and 20 mins
  • Not Rated
  • Virgil Films


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