365 High-Def Days of Oscar: Day 128

Release Year: 2010

Oscar Wins:

Best Animated Feature

Best Original Song

Oscar Nominations:

Best Picture

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Sound Editing


The toys are mistakenly delivered to a day-care center instead of the attic right before Andy leaves for college, and it’s up to Woody to convince the other toys that they weren’t abandoned and to return home.



Toy Story 3 does exactly what the first two did, delivered on all cylinders, all aspects of film-making and entertainment. The humor is back, the heart is back, the delightful cast of characters is back. This time, thanks to an incredible script, there’s more suspense, more drama, and many more surprises. Like any spectacular trilogy, it wraps up all loose ends. It literally is difficult to find any flaw or any slow moment in this movie, and even if there is, it will immediately be forgiven by the next major laugh or the next major revelation. The predictability factor in this movie is low, and the payoff to all the suspense is extremely high. Guys, this is the go-to movie of the summer, and makes up for any disappointment you have seen this year or last.

Just like Toy Story 2’s subtle and underlying themes, Toy Story 3 revolves around the group of toys and their latest adventure, but dwells far deeper than that. On the surface, this movie is about the toys in a series of circumstances, winding up in a daycare center that isn’t all it seems. At the same time, Andy is heading for college, but Woody isn’t quite ready to let go of his owner and the memories that follow. The deeper aspects involve aging, growing up, and moving on. Michael Arndt, the Oscar winner that wrote Little Miss Sunshine, was behind the spectacular screenplay in this third trip in the world of toys.

If this is the peak of their career then it is a fitting one, by returning to the films that started all of this. It has certainly been a rainbow coloured road for Pixar since the first ‘Toy Story’ 15 years ago, and now they exuberant such confidence and skill with each new film they make it seem easy. ‘Toy Story 3’ as you should know by now, is fittingly set 15 years after the first, and Andy the child that owns the ever lovable and loyal Woody and his gang, is now 17 and ready to move on from his play things and go onto college, much to the dismay of the toys. Woody is the only one that gets to go with Andy to college while the others are to be banished to the attic. I won’t go too much into detail but there is a major fiasco, and the toys and Woody manage to wind themselves up at the Sunnyside daycare centre where another brilliant adventure awaits.

Rejuvenation is the essential idea behind Toy Story 3, and that makes it as much a movie for aging baby boomers seeking new significance in the late maturity phase of their lives as it is for young ones seeking new thrills and adventure. For this aging boomer, Toy Story 3 massaged all of the critical emotions that go along with aging: the sense of uselessness, the boredom that goes along with being stashed away in the attic by my grown children, the realization that maybe my best days are behind me. The big payoff came at the movie’s conclusion as it delivered hope and an avenue to rediscovering the joy of living.

The Blu-Ray combo pack comes with a DVD, Digital Copy and the 2 Disc Blu-Ray special edition. All of the Blu-Ray special features are in true 1080p HD. That includes the “Day and Night” Pixar theatrical short and all of the Pixar Studio featurettes that you’ve come to expect from a Pixar release. I like the Cinexplore feature with the director, but I would’ve appreciated having a traditional commentary. The Buzz Lightyear Science Logs are fun, but they start to tread into material that’s a little too kiddie for the hardcore enthusiast. Luckily, the superfans have Beyond the Toybox – a technical commentary that gets into the nuts and bolts of what makes the film work.

I also have to say that it’s nice that the DVD copy got bonus features, instead of leaving all the supplemental material on the Blu-Ray. I appreciate the attention to the Blu-Ray and I support a player being in every home. However, I travel a lot and I need to have a DVD copy with me for my mobile player. Sure, you might say stick with the digital copy. But, there aren’t any digital copies with special features. I like to have a little extra meat to get me through the day. In the end, this release caps off what should be the end of a wonderful trilogy. This Election Day, hurry up with the polls and head home to the real winner.

RELEASE DATE: 11/02/2010

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