Topper Takes A Trip (1938)

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Topper Takes A Trip is the second Depression ghost movie and proof that this didn’t need to be a trilogy. This time, the ghosts are helping solve a looming divorce. The film moves to the French Riviera, as the Depression doesn’t even seem to factor into this fantasy. It’s just a bunch of goofballs with repressed sexuality trying to have a go at it. Honestly, why doesn’t an outlet try to put all of these films out as a giant release now?

I get that most if not all of these films are in the public domain, but let’s get it together. I guess it’s because I’m a collector, but I need that sense of cohesion. Honestly, I know that I’m not the only one that feels this way. Help me out, VCI! Hell, if Criterion wants to take a stab at it…let me know. Somebody’s grandparents have to still be asking about these movies. I know that it’s popular not to care about older movies, but let’s do it for the older viewers.

I say all of this as a 92 year old man who has been mind imprinted into a younger man. That should explain a lot.

Topper Takes A Trip is available now!

Topper Takes A Trip


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