Top Mobile Drinking Games

It’s Friday night and you’re ready to start your weekend festivities. You’ve got the beer. And you’ve got a house full of friends. But everyone is sitting around staring at their phones. Need some party inspiration? Look no further than your iPhone.

Bomba Drink

Part hot potato, part trivia game, the Bomba Drink app, compatible on both iOS and Android devices can make a night of drinking with friends even more fun, as if that’s even possible. Trust us, it is possible. The free gaming app asks users simple questions, but it becomes more high stakes if you’re thinking of the smartphone as a bomb. The person who’s holding the device when the “bomb” goes off or when a question is answered incorrectly is the loser. Or should we say winner? This person is the one who has to drink.


You don’t have to have five years experience as a bartender to craft the perfect cocktail; not anymore that is. Cocktail lovers can turn their iPhones into a recipe Rolodex with this cool app. With the Mixology app, you can enter in which liquor and ingredients you have at home and the app will return a long list of drink suggestions. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, use the random feature to try out a new drink. Need a special ingredient? The app can direct you to a local liquor store that sells what you’re looking for. The app has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times since its inception in 2009 and it’s currently available on Android, iPhone, iPod and will soon be available on Windows devices.


Want to find out how crowded your favorite bar is? Download the SceneTap app. With the touch of a finger you can get insight into how many people are at a certain spot and you can even get a helpful female-to-male ratio. Hey, this might even improve your Tinder odds. You can browse through photos, check on special events and see if the bar you’re thinking about going to is offering any specials — all from your smartphone. The app’s available on Android and iOS devices and it’s been featured on CNN, Fast Company and MSNBC.

Never Have I Ever

The game that’s famous for making tipsy friends reveal their most embarrassing secrets has been transformed into an app. Sometimes when you’ve had a few too many, you run out of never have I ever questions to ask. But not with the Never Have I Ever App. This app has an index of 300 statements. The free app is compatible on iPhone and iPad.

Drinking Games

The appropriately named app, Drinking Games, is exactly that. The app has 75 games that are best played intoxicated. You can get the free app on your smartphone by downloading it from the Apple Store. Let the good times begin.


Drunk driving is not cool. And after a long night of drinking at your friend’s place or at the bar, there’s no way you should be getting behind the wheel. The StearClear app helps to take drunk drivers off the roads. It’s kind of like Uber, except the driver is driving your car. It’s been featured in TechCrunch and Entrepreneur and the app is starting to take off in a big way. Simply set up your pickup time and location to be connected with a driver. Hand over your keys and enjoy a safe ride home. You can download it via the App Store or Google Play.

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