Top 3 side hustle jobs of 2018

Top 3 side hustle jobs of 2018 1

Even though a daily job guarantees you a sure monthly check, a good number of people have realized that relying on one job exposes them to a financial crisis. Consequently, part-time jobs have soared in popularity and are widely regarded as a haven as they help us clear outstanding debts, add to our savings, meet recurrent bills or purchase an asset like an automobile that would otherwise be impossible when engaged in a single job.


This article will explore 3 of the most popular side hustle jobs in 2018.

1. Blogging

To get started in blogging you need to procure a web hosting service and a domain you’re your upcoming blog. Fortunately, the earlier mentioned are readily available online, and for free.

Setting up a blog takes only a couple of minutes. In case of any difficulties, you could look up to YouTube or seek assistance from a friend well acquainted with the blogosphere. You need not start off with an overly complicated page; a simple page will still serve you well. Also, ensure your page remains user-friendly, you want to lure readers not repel them with cumbersome navigation requirements.


Next step is content creation. Focus on a particular field that you feel well versed with and educate people the best way you can. The quality of your content determines your ranking on search engines, and therefore your blog’s visibility.


Blogs that boast of high traffic attracts advertisers and also pave the way for affiliate marketing and online shops.

2. Video game gambling

Widely considered as a source of entertainment and fun, video games have transformed into a decent income opportunity. V-bloggers have taken the field of online tutorials by storm.

V-bloggers tutor on tips and tricks to navigate various game levels and challenges on all kinds of games ranging from sports, adventure and so forth.


Alternatively, top gamers earn a living by inviting other players to play online and receive a commission when their invite is accepted.

Gaming companies also organize challenges among the leading gamers to popularize their products. The winner usually earns cash rewards. Moreover, competitors may contribute cash in a challenge where the winner is entitled to a predetermined percentage of the loot, while the loser gets walks away empty handed and the organizing gaming company also get a share of the winnings.

Among the sites renowned for providing the earlier mentioned opportunities include; Rivalry accessible via


3. Creating and managing Facebook ads

In addition to running a blog, most people also look to run their own marketing business that is committed to assisting local businesses in expanding their online customer base. Business owners are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of Facebook marketing due to the sheer number of active users on the giant social network.


Currently, Facebook ad management stands among the most requested services, and it will remain so for a long time.


Most business persons see Facebook ads on their pages but lack the know-how to run them efficiently. Shrewd part-time marketers are exploiting the ad gap and making good money on the side.

Key takeaway

Look out for the market when contemplating on your preferred side hustle. Remember, the market doesn’t care about your needs; it cares about what you’ve to offer.

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