Top 25 of 2018

The AndersonVision Top 25 of 2018 is here.

Leave No Trace Solo Mandy Anna and the Apocalypse

Best of 2018 #19: Leave No Trace, Solo, Mandy, Anna and the Apocalypse

19) Troy’s Pick – Leave No Trace Leave No Trace is one of those films that just worked on Troy’s brain for months. There’s something about kids having to deal with their parent...

Surfer Widows Avengers Beautiful Boy

Best of 2018 #20: Surfer Teen Confronts Fear, Widows, Avengers Infinity War, Beautiful Boy

20) Troy’s Pick – Surfer Teen Confronts Fear Troy had this movie sent to him at the end of summer 2018 and took forever to get to the movie. That’s because he watched it about 10 tim...

Isle of Dogs Den of Thieves Mary Queen of Scots

Best of 2018 #21: Isle of Dogs, Den of Thieves, The Night Comes For Us, Mary Queen of Scots

21) Troy’s Pick – Isle of Dogs Isle of Dogs is the Rankin/Bass movie that I always wanted to see. Troy found a special place in his heart for Wes Anderson’s latest almost immediately...

hostiles overlord the last movie star shoplifters

Best of 2018 #22: Shoplifters, Hostiles, Overlord, The Last Movie Star

22) Troy’s Pick – Shoplifters Troy really dug the sheer volume of foreign films and documentaries released this year. Check out his theatrical review of Shoplifters here. The DVD review wi...

Bohemian Rhapsody

Best of 2018 #23: A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, Ready Player One, Mission: Impossible – Fallout

AndersonVision keeps the train rolling with the next rollout of the Top 25 of 2018. Which will films will be deemed the year’s best next? 23) Troy’s Pick – A Star is Born Troy has wr...

Best of 2018 Revenge

Best of 2018 #24: Can You Ever Forgive Me?, Goosebumps 2, Revenge, Unsane

The list continues, as we see what the Four Horsemen of AndersonVision have to add next. 24) Troy’s Pick: Can You Ever Forgive Me? Troy recently dug out his Can You Ever Forgive Me review from t...

Best of 2018 #25: Upgrade, Rampage, Creed II and Old Man & The Gun 14

Best of 2018 #25: Upgrade, Rampage, Creed II and Old Man & The Gun

Troy’s #25: Upgrade Troy previously reviewed Upgrade during the summer. His views haven’t changed. Daniel’s #25: Rampage The third time was the charm for star Dwayne Johnson’s team-u...

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