Join structural engineer Steve Burrows as he takes his team of laser-scanning experts to seventeenth-century St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of London, England. Using the latest technology, the Time Scanners team explores this architectural masterpiece in a completely new light, unveiling the engineering challenges faced by its creators in the time of Charles II.


“Time Scanners: St. Paul’s Cathedral” is a look at what it took to build St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The work of Sir Christopher Wren is explored by Steve Burrows, as he studies the structural integrity of the creation. The work created is impressive, but it feels like we’re missing something when we examine architecture this way. So much of what we learn in the design process is by direct study and a degree of interactivity. It’s not just appropriate to hear about a building and learn trivial facts. You need to embrace the elegance of the designed form.

Architectural documentaries aren’t always interesting to most people. That being said the Time Scanners approach is new to me and I have another documentary that they did to watch. Honestly, what really changes up what they do from any yahoo that happens to get a special on History Channel. While they talk in far more technical terms, I’ve yet to see anything that makes engineering challenges into something that is relatable to the average slob. Maybe I’m far too demanding. But, PBS knew this going in and yet I keep watching everything they put out. Way to go, Public Television!

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is strong for standard definition. The Dolby surround track really pumps up the action. Plus, the transfer is not too shabby. In the end, I’d recommend a rental or a stream.


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