“Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” offers up a Tigertastic 3 Pack. In this set, you get Life’s Little Lessons and two other tales. It’s a repackage release, so I’ll share what we’ve said before.

“Life’s Little Lessons” is a continuation of the latest Daniel Tiger adventures. Basically, Daniel works with the sovereign King Friday to learn how to treat people. The material runs slightly over ninety minutes. That being said, you’ve got to be really young to make your way through this stuff. It’s designed for kids who don’t have an amazing grasp on plot or knows that other shit is on television. Sophisticated kids will opt out of this, but that’s their deal. If you’ve got a dumb kid that can work the remote, this material can only help them. Unless, they’re already little shits. Then, they’re not going to learn anything. I don’t care how many cartoons or puppets you lob their way.

The material works for an animated show, but lacks the special charm of Mr. Rogers. But, I don’t know how many people watched the show for the puppets. That being said, what is here to differentiate the material from any number of Pre-K fodder on the market? It’s not exactly a low swing for PBS, but it could’ve been a lot better. At least, it’s not on Nick. That’s not that big of a hit on Nick, it’s just emblematic of their programming problems. But, I’m not here to bemoan the sad state of educational kiddie television. You guys are going to hear about that way more in the next few years from me. That is until the kid starts watching R-rated movies with me. So, I’d say age 4.

“Big Feelings” is the latest adventure from Daniel Tiger. The 4 year old anthropomorphic tiger has landed his own spin-off that moves him away from the iron rule of King Friday. The material is fairly typical, but Mr. Rogers would never let this stuff run for 22 minutes at a clip. Honestly, it began to feel long-winded and never-ending. But, I can see how it would help kids. Is that our only barometer for stuff like this? Whatever happened to making material that is entertaining for all? I’m still entertained by reruns of Mr. Rogers when I can find it. That being said, the lack of appeal leaves me feeling sad for modern kids.

“Daniel Tries Something New” is the latest compilation from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Daniel is guided by his babysitter and parents through all sorts of daring activities. He learns about playing, going to school and how to act when he goes out on the town. There’s also a lengthy bit about Show and Tell. If you’re Pre-K, then this is going to blow your mind. Do kids that young ever get their mind blown? I think I was halfway through elementary school before stuff started blowing my mind.

The DVD comes with no substantial special features. But, it wasn’t like I was expecting anything. The transfer is pretty flat, even for standard definition. The Dolby 2.0 track isn’t dynamic, but it carries the dialogue. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to the curious.

Release Date: 9/29/15

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