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“Thor: Ragnarok” has the worst first act of a Marvel film. I don’t blame Ragnarok for that, as it was necessary to tidy up the loose ends from The Dark World and get the plot going. But, so much time was spent fixing past mistakes and trying to explain away Loki’s latest schemes. Then, Hela shows up and nothing matters. Now, the rest of the film starts. While it looks pretty and sports great humor, it feels so disingenuous.

Everything is a joke and Thor is overpowered. Laughs are had, as Thor gets bounced around by Doc Strange to resolve his daddy issues. Then, he gets to meet his long lost Goth sister and see his home destroyed. But, we’ve got to work in Planet Hulk somehow. I did like how the MCU treats Sakaar. It’s an odd planet where Jeff Goldblum reigns supreme. The Hulk gets resolved quickly, as Banner’s persona has been suppressed due to Sakaar’s harsh environment.

Eventually, Mark Ruffalo shows up when he gets manly emotional over Black Widow’s video from Age of Ultron. What follows is some questionable edits that eventually get the main cast to Asgard, as they watch it continue to fall. There are some great homages to the Walt Simonson run, but I still don’t dig how they handled the complete Surtur arc. It’s smart to have Thor kickstart Ragnarok, but the entire plan isn’t established to completion. It’s petty, but it hurt my brain.

Months later, I have a new appreciation for the film.

8 Film Facts from the Thor: Ragnarok Commentary Track with Taika Waititi

  1. The character of Surtur was voiced by Clancy Brown and motion-captured by Taika Waititi.
  2. The Doctor Strange sequence was filmed in London during the Doctor Strange production, 8-9 months prior to principle photography on Thor: Ragnarok.
  3. The synth music was a big part of the world of Sakaar. Mark Mothersbaugh developed the score and pulled together a variety of analog synth music and original pieces from Robert Moog and blended them with Asgardian instrumentals to create a new score.
  4. Taika Waititi designed Valkyrie’s wrist tattoo.
  5. The 3-headed gladiator on Sakaar had his far-left head modeled after Taika Waititi.
  6. The unique lighting design of the battle between Hela and the Valkyries has never been used in a major film before. The sequence was designed by Stu Rutherford, who starred in Waititi’s “What We Do in the Shadows,” and Carlo Van de Roer. The “bullet time” effect of the long shadows is created by a series of strobe lights that surround the actors during the scene while it is shot in slow motion.
  7. Mark Ruffalo wears the classic Patrick Nagel album cover for Duran Duran’s “Rio” when he puts on Tony Stark’s clothes.
  8. The original Norse myth of Ragnarok includes Surtur as taking part in the destruction of Asgard.


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11 Comic Book Easter Eggs from the Thor: Ragnarok Commentary Track with Taika Waititi

  1. The initial Hela costume is loosely based on the comic design and transitions into the iconic version when she returns to Asgard. Her weapons were based on Gorr the God Butcher’s weapons from the “God of Thunder” comic storyline.
  2. Sakaar’s design was taken from Jack Kirby’s artwork. Taika was a fan as a kid and incorporated many shapes and colors from classic comics.
  3. The obedience discs are power inhibitors lifted from the “Planet Hulk” comic storyline.
  4. The designs of many background characters in Sakaar were also lifted directly from Jack Kirby comics.
  5. Traditionally, the Grandmaster in the comics is blue-skinned, but they thought people might tie it back to Jeff Goldblum’s character from “Earth Girls Are Easy.”
  6. The characters of Korg and Miek are from the “Planet Hulk” comic storyline. Taika based Korg’s voice on the Polynesian bouncers in New Zealand, many of whom are extremely polite and don’t want to hurt anyone.
  7. The large wolf, Fenris, is a great ally of Hela’s in the comics.
  8. The mural on the back wall of The Grandmaster’s suite is actual Jack Kirby artwork.
  9. After years of fans asking for it, Thor finally got his helmet in the Sakaarian battle arena.
  10. Odin’s spear, Gungnir, appears in the background of the throne room on Asgard.
  11. Hulk’s Sakaarian wardrobe casual wear is lifted from various Hulk comics.


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The Plot Thus Far

Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok, the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization, at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela.


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