This Week in Loot Crate News [Late January 2021]

Interdimensional Cable Rick and Morty Loot Crate

Veg Out With the New Rick and Morty Loot Crate!

This Week in Loot Crate News [Late January 2021] 2

Time to Poopeehedz and chill with Loot Crate’s New Rick and Morty April Crate!

Kick off your shoes, sit on the couch and watch April’s “Interdimensional Cable” themed Rick and Morty Crate bring you hours of entertainment. You’ll never get bored as you veg out with collectibles and gear that tie into your favorite shows across the universe.

The April “Interdimensional Cable” crate is filled with exclusives including a Two Brothers T-shirt, Mr. Poopybutthole Stress Ball, Story Train Cereal Pouch, and more.

Loot Crate Rick and Morty shirt

Supplies are limited and these crates sell out fast! To channel surf this crazy collection of Rick and Morty items be sure to order by April 15 at 9:00pm PST. Rick and Morty Crates start at $39.99 plus shipping and handling. 

Grab your remote, tune in and subscribe to the Rick and Morty crate! 

Check Out the AMAZING New Marvel Gear + Goods Crate!

This Week in Loot Crate News [Late January 2021] 5

Loot Crate is swinging into spring with everyone’s friendly neighborhood crime fighter in March’s ‘Amazing’ themed Marvel Gear + Goods crate. Your Spidey sense will be tingling when you discover items you can’t find anywhere else inspired by the Spider-Man universe.

The March ‘Amazing’ crate includes a variety of sensational goods. Web up these collectibles starting with a Miles Morales Villains Trucker Hat. Pair it with an original Spider-Man Heathered Tee as you drink from your Spider-Man Juice Glass. There are even more amazing collectibles to discover in the newest Marvel Gear + Goods crate.

Amazing Spider Man hat loot crate

Marvel Gear + Goods crates start at $36.99 plus shipping and handling. These crates sell out fast, so be sure to get your Amazing crate before they’re gone. Be sure to order by March 15 at 9:00pm PST! 

Subscribe to Marvel Gear + Goods for super-powered apparel & accessories: 

Explore the Galaxy with Loot Crate’s New Firefly Cargo Crate!

captain tightpants loot crate

You won’t have to wait until the year 2517 to enjoy these exclusive collectibles!

Smuggle the best gear and collectibles you can find in the ‘Verse as we kick off our relaunched Firefly Cargo series with Captain Tightpants himself. Join Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds and the rest of the Serenity crew in Loot Crate’s Firefly Cargo crate series that includes exclusive collectibles, gear, apparel and more!

The Captain Tightpants crate is filled with Firefly exclusives including a Plush Dinosaur, Captain Tightpants T-shirt, Brown Coats Bag and more exclusive items that can only be found with the crew of Serenity.

This Week in Loot Crate News [Late January 2021] 9

The Firefly Cargo crate series is a quarterly subscription that includes 4-6 Firefly items, including officially licensed and exclusive collectibles, gear, and more. Order by April 15 at 9:00pm PST. Firefly Cargo crates start at $49.99 plus shipping and handling. Supplies are limited and will sell out fast!

Don’t be like Captain Tightpants. Subscribe to the Firefly Cargo Loot Crate series!

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