Check out the new poster contest for THE SPIRIT.  In order to enter, grab THE SPIRIT WIDGET or visit THE SPIRIT OFFICIAL WEBSITEDownload and print out a copy of the official SPIRIT poster and upload a unique photo of your assembled poster (on your wall, refrigerator, etc.) to show your excitement for THE SPIRIT – in theaters Christmas Day!

The winner will win a trip to LA and tickets to the film’s premiere!


Get in THE SPIRIT and download the official AIM expression:,aolbart:/1/id/2b000030f9,aolbart:/129/id/2b000030fa,aolbart:/137/id/2b000030fa,aolbart:/1024/id/2b000001b7,aolbart:/3/id/2b00000c2b,aolbart:/96/id/2b00000c2b,aolbart:/131/id/2b00000c2b




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