Chapters 47, 48 & 49


Armor (Hisako Ichiki) was a mutant in training that spent her formative years losing her friend Wing, being attacked by a sentient Danger Room and being forced into training by Emma Frost. Armor goes from a young X-Man in training to being a featured player due to her ties to Wolverine. After Shadowcat got phased into the giant Breakworld bullet, Armor fills that missing kid sidekick gap for Wolverine. He starts training her and showing Armor new ways to use her psionic battle armor. While training with Wolverine, she learns that adamantium is one of the few things that can penetrate her armor. Outside of that, we don’t get a ton of time with Armor. I wish that would get fixed.


Pixie (Megan Gwynn) was a Welsh teenager who developed her powers shortly after her father died in a mining cave-in. Her powers caused giant wings to sprout from her back and produce hallucinatory dust. After dealing with N’Astirh, she develops the power of the Soul Dagger. This loosely ties her to Magik and the related sorcery, but that angle has never been followed up to my satisfaction. What did get followed up was the fact that Pixie’s dad didn’t die in a cave-in. That man was her stepfather and her real dad was the illusionist villain Mastermind. Pixie would learn of her other sisters and try to fight against it.

Time passes and Pixie learns that her Soul Dagger is a part of her soul that was taken during her initial time in Limbo. From that point on, Pixie butts heads with the New Mutants and the younger X-Men at the Jean Grey School. Pixie recently graduated into full-time X-Men status, but I guess that Bendis doesn’t like using her. So, we’ll just imagine that she’s in the background of a lot of scenes involving the X-Men. Unfortunately, this means no screen time until the Secret Wars situation gets handled.


The Stepford Cuckoos were one of my early favorites during Morrison’s run. What started as five girls, has now been paired down to the best three. So, let’s take a deep breath and go through the ladies’ complicated origin. John Sublime harvested ova cells from Emma Frost’s comatose body following the Sentinel attack that maimed her and killed the Hellions. Sublime used these ova cells to make mini Emma clones that would eventually become his private army of killer telepaths. They were designed to join together with their sisters to form a telepathic weapon dubbed Weapon XIV. Their end goal was to link their telepathic powers to create a psionic wave that killed all mutants. Fortunately, they would learn of their origins and fight against Sublime’s plans.


Celeste, Mindee and Phoebe are the Three-in-One and they keep the new X-Men students in line. What’s funny is that the girls have yet to graduate to full-time status themselves. While they initially followed Emma Frost around like a back of blondie bitchy puppies, the girls started to move towards their individual identities. Specifically, Mindee changed her hair color and started to disagree with her sisters. This is quite difficult when you consider that their power set forces the girls into a telepathic hive mind. They find love, meet boys and eventually resolve their feelings towards the time displaced Jean Grey.

Plus, isn’t that Frazier Irving art just stunning?

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