CHAPTERS 44 and 45

Before I talk about the forgettable Omega Sentinel and Lady Mastermind, I want to comment on something. We’re running behind with the X-Men Project and it’s starting to back into the next step of the Marvel exploration. By hell or high water, we’re going to meet our deadlines. So, if it’s not a major event or team spotlight, we’re going to be doubling up on chapters. Today, we’re looking at two characters that debuted at point when the X-Men movies were dominating theaters and Marvel was like “DUH, HOW DO WE CAPITALIZE ON THAT” before urinating their pants. I’m not a big fan of Marvel at the time. Even the start of the Jemas/Quesada years were too heavily focused on fixing the publishing end while letting the open market just go to Hell.


Karima Shapandar became Omega Sentinel after being transformed by Bastion during Operation: Zero Tolerance. I’ve loosely discussed her in the Thunderbird and Operation: Zero Tolerance chapters, so let’s give her some time to breathe. Karima isn’t a mutant, but she gains her powers from the Prime Sentinel modifications performed by Bastion. The control over these powers comes and goes, as incoming writers deem fit. Karima get disassembled, reassembled and then possessed by the now digital Malice of the Marauders. This sets Omega Sentinel up to join the X-Men for a stretch, but that quickly ends. Omega Sentinel is rendered brain dead after fighting the X-Men in San Francisco, but she’s quickly revived by John Sublime’s bacteria sister Arkea to fight the X-Men. Psylocke purges Arkea from Karima’s mind, which renders Karima human once again.

Lady Mastermind is the daughter of the original X-Men villain Mastermind. Her half-sisters include the new Mastermind and the X-Man Pixie. She’s a Claremont creation, so this material was always destined to be a family affair. I know that Claremont wrote some Willow books with Lucas in the 90s, but I wonder if they mentally merged at the same time and never broke the connection. Not a slam, just noticing a ton of shared patterns. Most of Lady Mastermind’s appearances involve her inability to reconcile family issues. Always feeling like she has something to prove, Lady Mastermind allies herself with strong females hoping to forge an independent voice.


Omega Sentinel and Lady Mastermind both joined the X-Men during the Carey run, as that run was all about assembling a strange roster for the X-Men as a means of making Rogue seem normal. As time goes on, Lady Mastermind was revealed to be a planted spy working with the Marauders and Mystique against the X-Men. They fight and a lot of unnecessary stuff from the early to mid 00s took place. This quickly lead into a never-ending series of crossovers that never amounted to anything as their results were done within the following year. We did get a pretty solid Pixie mini-series during that time that revealed Pixie’s connection to Lady Mastermind and Martinique, but that was about it.


Lady Mastermind was most recently seen trying to manipulate the time displaced X-Men. She specifically went after Jean Grey with gusto, as she used the image of her father to force the Dark Phoenix to manifest. Jean debunked and then used her emerging telepathy to show Lady Mastermind her deepest fears. The end result broke Lady Mastermind’s control and sent her fleeing. The character hasn’t been seen since that time. There, people. That was quick and painless.

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