In space travel there is a saying that the first 50 miles and the last 50 miles are the most dangerous. Explore the controlled explosion of launch, the fiery crucible of reentry and everything in between. See how a single spark inside a spacecraft or a micrometeoroid less than an inch wide hitting a space station can turn a routine mission into a lethal nightmare. As the missions become longer, venturing to Mars and beyond, the potential disasters will only become bigger. What would happen if a spacecraft ventured too close to a black hole or was hit by a gamma ray burst?


From the planets to the stars and out to the edge of the unknown, history and science collide in this epic exploration of the Universe and its mysteries. It’s a very old universe. Yet just 50 years since man first ventured into outer space, the heavens are yielding their greatest secrets.


The preview disc arrived with the Deep Space Disasters episode included. It’s the first episode of the season and it does a better job at explaining the material than last season. Sure, it uses a few juvenile examples to show off the material. But, it works for what it is. 


It’s hard to judge where the series is going to go based on this episode. But, what’s going to do it is tighter focus. More often that not, I found myself yawning during the episode. Sure, it’s educational…but what else? Give it a few more episodes, then decide if you want to write it off. 

New Season Premieres on Tuesday, November 11 at 9pm

With “Deep Space Disasters”


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