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The Siren is another one of those stunning modern horror/supernatural fantasy tales from Dark Sky Films. Tom and Nina love each other, but Nina is repressing a dark side to herself. Playing as a dark figure stalking a lake house, Nina makes her way in out of the lives of the men that visit her. She means well, but her predatory nature is almost mythic.

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Playing in a dark tone than films like The Shape of Water, The Siren does its best to invite you into a world that doesn’t need you. These lives exist as a microcosm of people trying to make the best out of things beyond their control. It’s a mature story of love, loss and what we do to survive between those moments.

But, most won’t know about films like The Siren. They exist in a world of horror franchises and whatever Screen Gems is limping to the barn with this season. If you dug the director’s previous work on They Look Like People, then this will be for you. Everyone else might want to rent first to warm up to a different kind of terror.

The DVD comes with two commentary tracks, an interview and a trailer as the special features. The A/V Quality is quite sharp for standard definition. Blacks levels are true to form and the lighting picks up that haunted ambiance. Still, I would loved to have seen this one in 1080p HD.

The Siren arrives on DVD today!

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