Self-made millionaire Ali Brown travelled to Venice, California – only 2 miles from her home in Marina Del Rey, but a world away from the life she knew.

Venice, California is a city where the rich and poor live side by side.  While Ali had often been to the area, she had never seen this side of it before. During her experience, Ali took up residence in Venice and visited three organizations geared toward helping people in the area.

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During her week as the Secret Millionaire, Ali visited Harvest Home, an organization that provides shelter to homeless and pregnant women.  She also spent time at the Bread and Roses Café, which serves meals to over 150 people in Venice each day. Finally, Ali helped out with The Beauty Bus Foundation, which offers beauty treatments such as manicures and pedicures to individuals suffering from degenerative diseases, and their caretakers.


Ali shared some candid thoughts about her experience and how it changed her life with

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