The Phantom Rider

VCI is excited to bring you another Classic Cliffhanger, fully restored from a new 2K scan of Universal Pictures' original 35mm film masters and for the for time ever on Blu-ray. Buck Jones, the great king of outdoor adventure drama in his most exciting and mysterious role? Playing a daring lone hand against a band of ruthless outlaws, who stop at nothing to steal control of every ranch in the valley and the fabulous gold mine of one of their victims! Not even the girl he loved and fought for knew who he was? An amazing series of daring adventures and astounding escapades! Spine-tingling mystery - breath taking suspense and a thousand thrills!
Video - 6.9
Audio - 7.2
Movie - 7
Special Features - 5

The Phantom Rider is a Universal serial starring Buck Jones. Well, was because serials and theaters aren’t really a thing anymore. MVD and VCI work well together when making these kinds of releases. They often fall through the cracks and get dumped on gray market vendors. I’m just glad to see major outlets show love to these releases.

Phantom Rider blu ray

The Blu-ray comes with liner notes by Toby Roan. He’s a decent film historian and I dig his style. But, that single special feature feels a little light in 2020. I’m not sure what else could have been done, but here we are. Due to being a 16 chapter serial, we’ll update this one as time goes by.

I know the featured trailer doesn’t match. If anyone has a proper trailer for The Phantom Rider, I’ll update it.

The Phantom Rider is available now!

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