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The Mindfulness Movement feels way more like a puff piece for something larger than actual documentary. Information has become a weapon and it’s strategically developed to constantly blast us with focal talking points. I get that it’s important to be mindful in the moment, but it’s a real ill-defined philosophy. But, that’s the age we live in now. Nothing matters, but how it makes you feel.

Anecdotal evidence isn’t real evidence. There are many talking heads that will pull up diagrams and case studies to suggest how Mindfulness could possibly enhance your life. But, that’s just it. No matter if it’s Jewel or Dan Harris, everyone is sharing mindfulness in relation that if it worked for me, it could for you. While that might be great for Weight Watchers, I tend to tread far more lightly around the world of mental health.

Ultimately, what I take away from The Mindfulness Movement is that people really mean well. However, so much about mental health can’t be streamlined down to a simple documentary. What I’d like to see is this documentary be expanded upon in a follow-up series. It’s just that I don’t feel like a sub two hour run time will make this film stick. Oh well, I’m sure someone out there digs it.

The Mindfulness Movement arrives APRIL 10TH from abramorama!

Mindfulness Movement movie documentary

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