The Dick Cavett Show: And That's The Way It Is 5

The Dick Cavett Show was the most natural talk show ever staged. However, it doesn’t really seem to have any representation in the modern media landscape. The closest comparison would be Joe Rogan Experience, but even that is measured equally in being Dude Oprah.  Six interviews spread across two decades give us a look into how American journalism changed wildly. Plus, you get to see a young Barbara Walters. I know she had to start somewhere, but she always looks like she’s a purse away from some Werther’s Originals.

And That’s The Way It Is highlights how America used to enjoy broadcast journalism. All of these celeb newscasters were friendly and the audience played well with their banter. Some might call it soft news, but it was familiar and always present and enveloping. Yet, the Rather and Brokaw interviews were telling. The 24 hour news cycle was in its infancy and it was already taking a toll. These men didn’t have the words to describe it, but you could see how tired it was making them.

The Dick Cavett Show: And That’s The Way It Is is now available!

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