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The Craft ruined Goth Girls [Review]

The Craft is one of those films very much of its time. The mid to late 1990s was a time right before the Internet took off, yet mobile phones were slowly starting to explode. The beginning of tech inter-connectivity brought more people together to talk about the pop culture junk they were enjoying.

Fairuza Balk has always had a special place in my heart. Starting as my favorite Dorothy then becoming my favorite Witch and finally seducing Bobby Boucher won me over. Yet, this was always the movie I had to sit through while hanging out with various pseudo Wiccans from 1996-2001. Honestly, if it wasn’t for EDM, Adderall and 9/11…the goth girls would still be among us.

The Craft

That’s not to say they vanished. It’s just that the ride or die ones are still playing strong on the periphery. But that girl you used to know that worked at Hot Topic and loved Bauhaus? She’s a soccer mom that now has strong opinions on the cancellation of the Santa Clarita Diet. She’s rocking kids named Harper and I don’t know…Bennett? Dreams of witchcraft and arcane powers have faded away for a life in middle management.

But, much like the Virgin Suicide, what does that mean for the boys that watched them from afar? 1996 was a different time, people. Ladies into witchcraft wasn’t as annoying as it is now in a Goop dominated era. Watching Balk, Tunney, Campbell and True dominate in a girl power movie could reach across the aisle. Hell, we haven’t even talked about the soundtrack.

Blasting covers by Heather Nova, Tripping Daisy, Love Spit Love and Letters to Cleo couldn’t date this film any harder. Yet, that’s the kind of thing we need. When I hear the kids wax poetic on Minecraft and various Pokemon, I don’t fault them. I just have nothing to do with it. So, the ones that I check out when I discuss my weird obsession with late 90s Goth girls…I’ll understand.

The Scream Factory Blu is pretty impressive. You get new interviews, featurettes, deleted scenes and a commentary. I love special features. But, I love fresh transfers even more. Give it a shot.

The Craft is available now!

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