The Brink [Review]

The Brink [Review] 3

The Brink is an exciting new documentary about walking liver spot Steve Bannon. Once a Goldman Sachs banker and now professional Renfeld, the documentary is a year long look into Bannon’s life. While the news cycle and history are far from done with this latest brand of Right Wing villainy, it’s fascinating to see a monster in action. After watching the film, dive deep into the bonus materials.

Those extra scenes help to parse out a lot of material discussed in the documentary. Still, I can’t help but believe that many of you won’t fully get the full scope of what Bannon has done. While data has been turned into a commodity and weaponized, very few people knew how to aim it. Bannon is the Grandfather of that action. Watch the documentary and behold history turning a corner.

Steve Bannon brings everyone to The Brink on June 18th

the brink

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