The Bostonians [Review]
Classic 1980s Merchant Ivory film finally makes it to Blu-ray.
Still, it will be a sleeping pill for most audiences.
93%Overall Score
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The Bostonians is one of the 800 Merchant Ivory films released in the 1980s. While I love seeing Christopher Reeve branch out into deep drama, he comes across super odd in the film. Over the years, the film has been read as many things. Was Christopher Reeve playing a predator stalking Madeleine Potter? Could Vanessa Redgrave’s character have been meant to be a politically minded lesbian? The mind boggles at the Henry James goodness.

The Cohen release sports a festive amount of special features. You get new interviews, conversation and trailers associated with the release. The 4K restoration makes the film look sharper than ever. Plus, that Dolby 5.1 lossy track doesn’t pull me out of the movie. I’d recommend it for arthouse fans.

The Bostonians is available May 21st!


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