The Big C and Why Fiction Celebrates Terminal Illness [Review]

The Big C brings together every season of Showtime’s most underappreciated original series. Laura Linney used to clean up Awards wise on a show that many of you might have forgotten it ever existed. That’s because it’s about terminal cancer. Terminal illness has this bizarre way of being treated lightly or harshly in our fiction. Yet, it’s never given the face-level value it deserves as an inevitable life experience. Doubt me? Check out the statistics.

You are more likely to die from cancer than win a 7 figure plus lottery. So, why does a show about embracing your finality have to fight for attention as the least addressed show on a secondary premium cable channel? It’s because our Fiction doesn’t want to press that hard on the audience. Regardless of how brave or cutting-edge you feel something might be, said product will go out of its way to keep from bumming you out.

The Big C never pulled its punches. Whether it was Marlene, Cathy or people within their reach…death and finality touches them all. Plus, the show was way funnier than anything that appeared in Six Feet Under. Mill Creek is giving you a chance to catch up on a better show. Seize the day, people.

The Big C arrives on April 16th, 2019

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