The Best of The Three Stooges

The Best of The Three Stooges 1

The Three Stooges were never my thing. I get the humor and their filmography. However, if I had to watch something from that era, I was usually watching Chaplin. Who am I kidding? I was usually watching R-rated movies with boobs on HBO. When was it that kids purposefully watched stuff like this? I get that Three Stooges shorts and cartoons were on constant Antenna TV replay, but surely older generations must have had better things to do.

It’s been awhile since I’ve dealt with a set that covers 70 years. However, Time Life is doing something special now. After finishing the massive Robin Williams set, I winced at a Three Stooges set that included everything but their Vaudeville act. Thankfully, most of this release is repackaged material from the previous Three Stooges sets released by Columbia and Time Life.

What matters most here is that Time Life has built a working chronology that gives you shorts, movies, animated shorts, TV specials, reunions and biopic movies as they happened in history. If you start from Disc 1, you will have successfully followed their careers in 48 hours. The Volume 3 disc is the new material, as we get looks at the lesser Stooges and behind-the-scenes material from the Stooge family members.

If you’re a fan, then this is a must-buy. If you’re not, well nuts to you.

DVD SRP: $99.95

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