Terra Franca

In an ancient riverfront village outside of present-day Lisbon, a fisherman inhabits both the solitude of the river and the shared routines of family life that rhythmically bring him ashore in TERRA FRANCA, the first feature-length documentary from Leonor Teles, part of a new generation of Portuguese filmmakers and the youngest ever recipient of the Berlin Golden Bear for Best Short Film in 2016.
Video - 7.7
Audio - 7.5
Movie - 7.8

Terra Franca is a foreign drama about a fisherman in Lisbon. While I’ve watched more movies from Portugal in the last week than I have had in a year, it’s impressive. Slice of life dramas impress me because I’m secretly 80 years old. For a film that plays up to 80 minutes long, it never overstays its welcome. I wish more movies knew how to do this.

Terra Franca DVD

The Indiepix DVD comes with no special features. Hell, it’s even shot in 4:3…what’s that about? This isn’t 1987 and we’re not in front of a live studio audience. Answer me this, Indiepix! ANSWER ME THIS!

Terra Franca arrives August 25th

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