Russia 2003. A routine day at sea turns into a nightmare when it seems the US has launched a massive nuclear attack on the rest of the world. Captain Dimitri Losenko orders a retaliation aimed at strategic targets in Alaska….

Alaska 2018. A small band of Resistance fighters are hiding out in the frozen wilderness. Struggling to survive and determined to fight back, John Connor’s voice through a crackling radio helps them to find the answers they’re looking for…


COLD WAR’s chapters jump back and forth from 2003 to 2018, showcasing two very different storylines from the eyes of a Russian submarine captain who unleashes armageddon on Judgement Day, to the other novel’s main protag, an Alaskan park ranger survivor, who both handle Skynet’s takeover of the planet in very different ways. Both are solid, exciting tales, which eventually merge over halfway through the book.

From new Terminators never seen before, from a terminator train to snowmobiles, COLD WAR is a solid read that gives the reader indepth characterization, to blazing action/adventure that balances this superbly written novel, giving the reader a well balanced novel that will leave readers wishing this was the type of stuff that the TV series could have produced.


One interesting aspect of the storyline is that it has two threads that weave back and forth in time coming to a climax in the latter part of the book. The earlier timeline gives detail and background to the characters and events of the future. It’s like flashbacks, except much more detailed. The two story arcs were so interesting that they could have been separate books in and of themselves.

What I like about this novel – and others in the series – is that it takes the bleak world of the future, ruined by Skynet, and gives it a far darker, crueler, and more violent setting than the Terminator Salvation film. Life is precarious at best. Death is around every corner – or I should say a Terminator is around every corner, ready to bring termination to all humanity. Skynet has its eyes everywhere, looking to finish what it started on Judgment Day.

The book is a quick read which almost makes it feel like a trade paperback aimed at teens. Sure, the last Terminator flick was PG-13, but the subject matter is pretty grim. Still, I’d recommend the release for all Terminator fans. Just don’t expect the Cameron years on page. Hell, reaching for Mostow levels of quality would be asking for too much.


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