Leading Hispanic media companies Telemundo Communications Group and Meredith Hispanic Ventures announced today the results of their national “What Latinas Want” study. The study combined quantitative and qualitative methodologies to explore the attitudes and opinions of U.S. Latinas with regard to life choices, finance, health, beauty and technology.

The “What Latinas Want” study revealed that the Latinas living in the country are redefining their priorities when it comes to marriage and careers; continuing to manage their family’s finances; and increasingly incorporating preventative health measures into their daily lives. They also classify themselves as image conscious and are trend-setters when it comes to fashion and beauty.

“She is the CHO—Chief Household Officer. Latinas are the future of the Hispanic population. Our research shows that they are the key decision-makers of their households and, as self-described ‘superwomen.’ Latinas believe they can do it all,” said Jacqueline Hernández, COO, Telemundo. “For a network which aims to inform and empower audiences, it is vital that we understand the top priorities and concerns of Latinas and how these lifestyle choices influence their consumption habits.”

“Our constant quest to understand the evolution of Hispanic women allows us to trend spot, and we continue to be inspired by what we learn,” added Ruth Gaviria, vice president of Meredith Hispanic Ventures. “With this intimate knowledge of our consumers, our editors are able to answer the questions that keep women up at night and offer them the information they need to create better lives for themselves and their families. We are very excited to join forces with Telemundo on this quest.”

Key findings from the “What Latinas Want” survey include:

Life Choices:
 Latinas are inspired by prior generations of women into action, empowerment and self development. Latinas have redefined their priorities and Higher Education (80%) and Careers (72%) now trump Getting Married (50%).
 While Latinas and non-Latinas both find Personal Development and Family rewarding, Latinas place greater importance on their relationships with their parents (65% Latinas vs. 55% non-Latinas) and taking care of their aging relatives (42% Latinas vs. 27% non-Latinas).

 Latinas are the CHO of the family: 8 out of 10 (81%) are either primary decision makers of the family’s finances or they make decisions in concert with their spouse.
 Latinas feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing finances. Their top three concerns are Rising Taxes (75%), the Future Stability of Social Security (74%) and Saving for Retirement (71%).

 Like their non-Latina counterparts, Latinas worry significantly about weight/diet, cancer and diabetes and are becoming more preventative-health oriented. Nearly three-quarters regularly seek out information on health and wellness and 44% take vitamins.

 Latinas (57%) are more image-conscious than their non-Latina (42%) counterparts and believe in doing “whatever it takes to look younger.”
 Nearly half of all Latinas responded that shopping makes them happy. They spend more on clothing, accessories, footwear and makeup than non-Latinas and 47% prefer name brand beauty products over generic brands. Latinas are also open to trying new brands and perceived by their peers as resources for advice on products and services.

Survey results provided further proof that Latinas are enthusiastic about new technologies. Latinas are more likely than their non-Latina counterparts to use technological devices such as cell phones, digital cameras and iPods.

The “What Latinas Want” quantitative research study was conducted, in conjunction with OTX Research, with a national sample of 1,004 Latinas, ages 18-64. A sub-sample of 500 non-Latinas, ages 18-64, was also collected for comparison purposes. The study was accomplished through a combination of online and intercept-to-web self administered surveys. Census estimates were used to ensure a representative population sample. The study was conducted between September 23 and November 12, 2008.

The qualitative research consisted of 13 in-home video ethnographies with Latinas ages 25-35 in both emerging and established markets. The interviews were conducted during summer 2008.


About Telemundo
Telemundo, a U.S. Spanish-language television network, is the essential entertainment, news, and sports source for Hispanics and a leading international player in the entertainment industry with presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. Broadcasting unique national and local programming for the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, Telemundo reaches 93% of U.S. Hispanic viewers in 210 markets through its 16 owned-and-operated stations, 45 broadcast affiliates, and 800 cable affiliates. Telemundo is wholly owned by NBC Universal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies.

About Meredith Hispanic Ventures
Meredith Hispanic Ventures is the leading marketing and communications company reaching Spanish-dominant, Hispanic women in the United States at every life stage. Our portfolio of empowering brands include Siempre Mujer, Ser Padres, Ser Padres Espera and Ser Padres Bebé. Our magazines focus on the core passions of Family, Home and Self at a time when consumers are focused on what matters most. Our portfolio includes custom publishing, content licensing, HOLA Profiles™ Research, database marketing, events, Word-of-Mouth Marketing, and Video Solutions. Meredith Hispanic Ventures is owned by Meredith Corporation, which reaches 75 million active and involved women – more than any other media company.

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