Tarzan Goes To India review: Jock Mahoney Dares You To Get Offended

Tarzan Goes to India asks a lot of Tarzan fans. In the 1960s, the legendary franchise was getting stale. So classic man cinema director John Guillermin decided to take his second Tarzan adventure to India. This time, he has to stop some evil people from creating an environmental hazard that will kill elephants. The film was an effort to capitalize on the emerging Bollywood market. However, the premise is thin. Some Indian engineers want to build an electric dam, but Tarzan is concerned about the elephants it might kill. No concern is given to the millions of Indians that needed electricity.

So, what did we have here? A Tarzan film with a poorly defined villain, but also sporting the oldest man to play Tarzan to date. If that wasn’t enough, Tarzan was continuously upstaged by Jai the Elephant Boy. Jai’s claim to fame was that he could hold your attention while riding the pachyderms. Noted as one of the few Tarzan movies to bomb, one has to wonder why the filmmakers didn’t try a little harder. How hard was it to move the jungle action from one continent to the other?

The answer was…it was pretty damn hard.

Tarzan Goes to India is available now!

tarzan goes to india

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