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Taking Tiger Mountain took me awhile to comprehend. If you guys follow my Twitter, you might be able to trace the first handful of times I watched the movie. If you have a calendar, you can see how much I’m slowing down in my own age. That being said, the film is experimental. That’s a given if you’ve researched this one. However, the rebuild and rediscovered film feels way more on par with George Lucas retooling THX 1138 rather than Drafthouse rediscovering Miami Connection.

Trailer | Taking Tiger Mountain Revisited from Tom Huckabee on Vimeo.

Taking Bill Paxton Dong into 2019

Saving lost films is a noble endeavor. However, that doesn’t make them good. Taking Tiger Mountain is an American film student attempt to make a Fellini film about the various topics they enjoyed at the time. Whether that is sex, moving across Europe or general identity issues; the film is very much of an era in a person’s life. Bill Paxton did his best with the material and made us buy a guy that would sleep his way throughout Wales.

However, the updated footage and attempts to CG in text that would appeal to modern audiences feels forced. Taking Tiger Mountain is far from a bad movie and it’s not quite a good one. For serious film fans, this is a cult oddity that many don’t get to experience in traditional viewing settings.

Taking Tiger Mountain is available now!

taking tiger mountain

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