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Moonfleet: Pirates Fritz Lang Style! [Review]

Moonfleet isn’t Sci-Fi, it’s a pirate movie. Those movies existed when vaccines and women as political leaders was considered far-fetched. But, didn’t pirate movies go out with Tyron...


Gaslight: Twitter’s Favorite Buzzword as a Movie [Review]

Gaslight is a film that I watched a lot in my Ingrid Bergman phase. Don’t understand my Bergman phase? Well, let me set the stage for you. Every young film fan has these weird periods were they ...

Summer Stock featured

Summer Stock: Where Judy Garland farms Showtunes [Review]

Summer Stock is where Judy Garland and Gene Kelly try to Get Happy. The duo had dominated the 1940s, yet it was time for all good things to end. After all, Judy in her 20s had to give way to something...

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