Tiffany Haddish

Like A Boss Blu-ray

What’s A Glass Ceiling? Like A Boss Blu-ray review

Like A Boss plays like the first original female-led CNBC original sitcom. What happened to make this movie? I’m not against such a female centric movie, but we need something that plays as more...

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part review: Everything isn't Awesome 18

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part review: Everything isn’t Awesome

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part wasn’t good. There was enough material to make something that holds up to the original, but even the first movie had a thin premise. So, why take a second trip ...

Nobody's Fool review: Tyler Perry After Dark 21

Nobody’s Fool review: Tyler Perry After Dark

Nobody’s Fool hasn’t change much for me since around Halloween. So, my old thoughts still hold up. Sometimes, I like to add a new take, but I’ve got nothing. Hopefully this film spic...

Night School (2018) 24

Night School (2018)

Night School came and went during the Fall. Honestly, I’m a little shocked. While it doesn’t tug that hard on the brain, it’s no different than any other Kevin Hart film. Kevin Hart ...

Enter to win a Blu-ray copy of Night School 27

Enter to win a Blu-ray copy of Night School

Enter to win a copy of Night School   Night School hits shelves on January 1st! On Digital now!  

the oath poster

The Oath (2018) desperately needed a Ref

Tiffany Haddish has another pop culture outing. If you aren’t watching her show on TBS, checking out her Groupon ads or watching GIFs dedicated to the new Queen of Comedy…this might be a s...

night school


NIGHT SCHOOL REVIEWED “Night School” is a movie I watched this week. I know I watched it because someone saw me at the theater. We talked and they asked me if I knew about the lady getting...



UNCLE DREW REVIEWED RATHER FAST “Uncle Drew” is a Pepsi commercial turned feature film. However, director Charles Stone III finds a way to connect the film to the roots of popular African ...



GIRLS TRIP REVIEWED “Girls Trip” is a movie about four friends heading to the Essence Festival in New Orleans. They have a ball, celebrate their Ya-Ya Sisterhood and enjoy the Big Easy. Th...

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