The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Best of 2019 movie poster

Elderly Man Angered at Young Man’s Lack of Lobster Fondness: The Lighthouse Review – Best of 2019 #8

The Lighthouse is yet another period film about supernatural terror striking among the mundane. So, why does this kind of film strike me warmer than say anything that Ari Aster or his contemporaries h...

9.5 Amazing
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Upcoming Home Entertainment News (12/1/19)

The Lighthouse arrives on Digital December 20, On Demand January 7, and on Blu-ray™ (plus Digital) and DVD January 7 “An instant classic” (Rachel Handler, New York Magazine) comes ashore when T...



THE LIGHTHOUSE REVIEWED “The Lighthouse” plays upon something that might work better in a book than film. Cerebral dread doesn’t exactly engage the visual need that many have with fi...

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